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Krebs is now closed for business!
Great Thanks to all of you all around the world that has purchased a Krebs Chandelier

In the future you will find Krebs Chandeliers at Zavadsky Tov

Krebs 1954 - 2020

Visits only by arrangement, please mail us; info@krebs.se

Barock Pompe Kristallkrona polerad mässingDetail barock Pompe Kristallkrona polerad mässing


We turn to those looking for solid craftsmanship. Who want to find a chandelier of high quality and with a beautiful shape. The Crystal Chandelier that you choose is literally the crowning glory of your room. The crystal chandelier will have a main impact on your room. True luxury is in fact the solid craftsmanship that can be created based on long experience and a well-developed sense of materials and how various parts relate to each other. We say the chandeliers beauty is no less than sum of its parts and composition. The crystal must be of high quality and the metal as well. Krebs uses malleable and valuable brass that gives a beautiful and exclusive shape. In an interview with Lifestyle Publishing / Nathalie Wänblad Tomas Krebs says: "- I prefeer crafts and have been meticulous with the details. We try to get as much craft as possible in the chandeliers. It has been my driving force, to get to do good stuff. I have been very bad at one thing, to focus on earnings and profits by mass-producing or simplify. Somewhere, I think, purely human, that there must be a value in what you do, I have to be proud of my products!" In fact, most of our models produced in less than ten copies a year, therefore the crystal chandelier you buy at Krebs Stockholm is almost unique. Krebs manufactures & designs high quality crystal chandeliers by hand. ✓Classic crystal chandeliers. ✓chandelier parts and crystals ✓ Safe store buy online

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