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Chandelier lifts


Aladdin Light Lift;produces chandelier lift system to raise and lower chandeliers for cleaning and bulb changing. This innovative product was the original light lift system, and the first reasonably priced motorized system to be produced in the United States.

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The Aladdin system is designed for years of trouble free operation. If you have high ceilings and want to maintain the luster of your chandelier, and avoid dangerously tall ladders or costly cleaning services, then Aladdin Light Lift has the answer for you. It is the safe and convenient companion for your chandelier. -standard mount light lifts can only be mounted directly above the chandelier. -Aladdin recommends at least three feet of vertical access space directly above the chandelier for installation and motor accessibility. -see the remote mount light lift section if the light lift can not mount directly above the chandelier. -standard mount light lifts can not be modified into remote mount light lifts -commercial package available for all models, includes metal cover and greenfield

At the Aladdin lightlifts YouTubechannel you will find all information needed to understand how to use the system.

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