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Chandelier Crystals



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  1. ball 1a 60mm blown patterned
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    ball 1a 60mm blown patterned
8 Products
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Weather you need to complement your crystal chandelier with a crystal or if you want to get some to hang in your window or would like to make some jewelry from them, you can buy them here. In the range you will find quality such as 1a (which we use when we pinn our crystal chandeliers) which are hand made crystals. But you will also find crystals of other qualities such as Strass and MC among others. When will complement your crystal chandelierso it's good to be able to characterize the prisms so that you can find a similar quality. Here are some tips: · The facets are concave, -select MC · You see tiny differences if you look closely at the facets of the same form, -select 1a or 1b · The facets are precise, sharp ridges between, you do not see any sanding scratches even with the loupe, - select Strass Finding chandelier crystals If you do not find the crystals you need for your chandelier on the web or in the antique stores there is some other possibilities. Let´s say you are missing three crystals in a candle ring (bobech). Maybe you got the same crystals in the bottom? Or in the top? Move them, save the extra crystals, and buy new ones for the top or bottom, now your chandelier is complete and still logically structured. Maybe for instance the bottom has 6 crystals, then you can replace every second chandelier crystal with a new one, and it still looks ok. Don´t forget wire, pins or clips for mounting when you order crystals.
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