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Herakles 340 x 200 cm & 250 Kg

At Västra trädgårdsgatan -one of the few streets left after the demolition hysteria when the Klara district was demolished in the 60th century Hotel Kings Garden is located. The houses around it are such Ivar Kreuger's match palac, the opera, and a few steps further away is the Royal Palace . The house was previously the Swedish Export Credit office but since 2012 there have been construction workers housed at number 11th, but now (spring 2015) they are ready.

We have also been in place and not just hung chandeliers but also built Stockholm's largest chandelier over 3.4 meters high and 450 kg heavy. Crystal Chandelier is a variation of a crystal chandelier that was supplied the Sager Palace -The home of the Swedish prime minister. The chandelier was designed originally by Tomas Krebs in 2003.

-We have produced hand-cut eight sided octagon prisms, just for the chandeliers of the Hotel Royal Garden, The prisms are difficult to grind and polish by hand and very exclusive, overall, we have tied 11000 prisms hand with brass wire in the crystal chandelier.

The chandelier hangs under the glass roof of the now built-in courtyard. The position of the chandelier is unique and makes the impression change as the sun rise and set.

Strating with a calm morning light. As the sun comes up and shines through the glass roof the chandelier transforms to a glittering jewel -just to make it spark as fireworks when the evening sun hits the chandelier.

In the corridors hangs luminaires to compliment your way to the room. The hotel rooms have different characters, all well worked.

A room with Nobel 212c Emire chandelier with a Gustavian basket bottom.

For the rooms, we have delivered different chandeliers above all Nobel and Pompe families in custom designs. Pictured Pompe 106d with obelisks and extra large crystals.

Nobel har försetts med samma handslipade kristaller som i den stora kronan, här med piggbotten, 109d. qomn2bdz.rg4.jpg

Nobel has been provided with the same hand-cut crystals in the large crystal chandelier, here with drop bottom, article no 109d.

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