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Krebs was founded in the mid 50’s by Hans J Krebs (1923-08-03 – 2012-08-05). Hans, who was a true globetrotter, traveled around the world in search of exciting things to take home and sell in his business. Some of his most notable finds include the rice paper lamp and the lava lamp, which he was the first one to bring to Sweden. During his active time in the company, Hans also had time to influence leading company Swarovski, which at the time mainly focused on prisms and jewelry for stores and optics. Hans was looking for prisms for crystal chandeliers and asked Swarovski to make a sample. This sample resulted in the 14 millimeter cup, a small prism which later came to spread like wildfire across the globe.

In 1988, the company took a different turn when his son, Tomas Krebs, took over the role as the company’s CEO. Tomas, who had been working in the company for many years developing the manufacturing of framework and prisms, decided to devote himself completely to the manufacturing of crystal chandeliers. Pots, towels and vases, which were previously part of the product range, were canceled and the new direction of the company made it grow steadily, offering hundreds of beautiful designs created by Tomas himself.

In 1996 Krebs opened their first web page Check it out here Since the beginning of the company’s history, many changes associated with brand name and product range have taken place. But one thing that has remained throughout its 60-year-old history is the will to add that extra something that makes our products so unique. And we really think we have managed to do so!

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