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You need a lot of skills and knowledge of the craft in order to make a frame for a chandelier. Anyone can make a chandelier frame, but to make it beautiful with high quality needs lots of knowledge in this special craft. Hans J. Krebs -the founder of the Krebs company made frames already back in 1942, having a small workshop in the core Stockholm centre. When I was young we made small series of frames in our small workshop in the southern suburbs. Back in 1992 I started a frame manufacturing company in Tallinn Estonia. We ran that factory until 2008. At that time we moved the manufacturing to a partner in Ukraine -the Zavadskys. All the time our aim has been to develop the handcraft -to enhance techniques thus developing quality. We continually work to develops the shape of the frames and enhance the quality by all means possible. At the same time we go on producing frames in small series, making them more or less unique. A standard batch of frames is normally just 10 pcs! We also always try to find the best raw material -that is why we do not use iron -just brass for our chandeliers.

When we solder the frames -the brass parts -always brass parts. We always use pure silver. To make the silver fill, connect and get a beautiful shape is only for the best of the best. Our craft men and women are artisans. The templets and moulds are essential to produce a nice result, our inhouse specialists make them with very high quality.

Often the soldering different materials together with different characteristics and the result depends upon skill and feeling for the material.

Sometimes simple tools are built, like this roller to bend wire. The roller is hand-driven.

When shaping the material it is of course important that all parts look the same, but the mark of the craftsman / woman is important as well, the feeling for shape and material makes a huge impact on the final result.

Lamp holders and electric parts are mounted according to well-defined instructions. Only CE certified material is used and all chandeliers are type-tested by Intertek Semko. They also perform a yearly inspection at the premises checking both documentation and test equipment.

PThe polishing is extremely important in the manufacture of frames. It not only determines the gloss of the surface and the surface structure but also creates the final shape of the part. Here is a big difference between chandeliers made out of brass. Not only that it is valuable it is also malleable compared to frames made using cheap iron that is hard and sturdy.

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