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Fashion retail with a cultural sense

In 1970, Richard Hayne and his wife opened the first store, which would later be named Urban Outfitters, in a terrace house in Philadelphia. Back then, it was called The Free People’s store, and was mainly targeted towards students. The concept idea was to gather a mix of clothes and interior design products – second hand as well as brand new – all under one roof. The store became progressively successful and a decade later, the single store grew into a chain and spread across the US and Europe under the name Urban Outfitters.

One of the countries that embraced the Urban Outfitters concept was Sweden, and a store eventually opened in Stockholm. The beautiful 91-year-old art deco movie theatre Röda Kvarn became home to this modern mecca of contemporary and vintage design. The premises were carefully restored into its original style where stunning ceiling paintings, marble pillars and wooden panels have regained their original glory. And the icing of the cake two enormous Krebs crystal chandeliers made by our skillful craftsmen are hanging in the ceiling where they beautifully complement the breathtaking setting

Martin Parker, the CEO of Urban outfitters says: We chose to work with Swedish experts in order to honor the cultural values of the premises in the best possible way”.

At the registers, next to the entrance, two large crystal chandeliers have been installed under a glass ceiling.

In the entrance, there are several styles of crystal chandeliers from the turn of the 20th century.

The old movie theatre’s spectacular vaulted ceiling is beautifully complemented with two 320x200 cm crystal chandeliers. They each weigh 400 kilos and consist of more than 11500 prisms.

Urban Outfitters ordered 70 Krebs crystal chandelier lightings for their store in Stockholm and 22 for their Copenhagen based store.

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